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Advanced Integrative Services in Tampa

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP is a non-surgical solution to soft tissue injury and osteoarthritis. It also has shown promise in speeding up the recovery process after a fracture. Rather than just masking pain, PRP enhances your body’s natural processes to repair and regenerate damaged tissue. This phenomenon occurs by introducing high levels of collagen into an injured or degenerated area.

For this advanced care, a sample of your blood is drawn. The platelet-rich plasma is separated from the rest of the blood and placed in a syringe. The PRP is then injected into the damaged tissue. For joint damage, the modality is also known as prolotherapy.

Side effects are almost non-existent. Our patients appreciate this choice as an entirely natural integrative approach to their healthcare regimen.

Trigger point injections are used to relieve pain. This modality is based on trigger point therapy.

Anti-inflammatory compounds and anesthetic are injected into targeted muscles to reduce chronic stiffness and pain. The injections are made with a very thin needle that includes a small amount of lidocaine. Very little discomfort is experienced during a session. Some patients, however, will experience tenderness in the days following care as achy muscles heal and knots break up. This approach is particularly useful when combined with postural correction, massage and physical therapy.

Regenerative medicine is designed to fight the degenerative and aging processes in the body. Deterioration in the body is often referred to as osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and chronic pain. The only way to combat degeneration is through regeneration.

At Berven Chiropractic, we understand that every patient heals differently. Varying conditions have different needs. We’ll work closely with you to find the right fit, which may include the following:

Amniotic Allograft – This strategy is also referred to as amniotic stem cell therapy. The cells are donated tissue that is collected from the placenta. It’s a rich source of both growth factors and stem cells. We find it to be an incredible regenerative option that can be very effective.

Amniotic Fluid – Amniotic fluid is one of the best sources of growth factors. It’s a donated tissue that is collected during planned C-sections. It’s screened for purity and is a reliable regenerative therapy.

Umbilical Cord Blood – This therapy is extremely effective in addressing certain conditions—it has saved lives. It’s a common practice for hospitals to ask if mothers want to keep their umbilical cord blood during the delivery of the baby. This approach, however, is not the best option for arthritis and joint pain compared to some of the other options that we offer.

Umbilical Cord Matrix – The umbilical cord matrix has a very high concentration of stem cells, growth factors, hyaluronic acid and other regenerative properties. These factors come from the tissue of the umbilical cord itself. It’s donated tissue, and one of the most versatile options available for regenerative purposes.

If you are going to take supplements, Dr. Berven wants you to make sure you are taking the best quality.

Ask her about the ingredients and what supplements would be right for you!

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