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Diversified in Tampa

female chiropractor adjusting patientWhile there are numerous chiropractic approaches used worldwide, the Diversified chiropractic technique is one of the most widely used methods within chiropractic care. Dr. D.D. Palmer, considered the founder of chiropractic, developed this technique in the late 19th century. The method was further refined and popularized by his son, Dr. B.J. Palmer, and has since become a cornerstone of chiropractic adjustments.

Origins of This Method

Dr. D.D. Palmer’s approach to chiropractic care focused on the concept of spinal misalignments (subluxations) causing interference in the nervous system, thereby impacting overall health. He believed that restoring proper alignment to the spine could alleviate this interference and promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

How Does It Work?

The Diversified technique uses manual, hands-on adjustments to realign the spine. As a chiropractor who regularly uses this technique, Dr. Berven has a keen understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, and the spine’s structure.

Here’s what a patient can expect when getting adjusted with this method at Berven Chiropractic:

  • Assessment: First, Dr. Berven conducts a thorough evaluation, which may include physical exams and X-rays, and discusses the patient’s medical history to identify areas of misalignment or dysfunction.
  • Adjustments: During the adjustment, our chiropractor applies a quick, controlled force to specific joints of the spine or other areas of the body where misalignments are present. This force is delivered manually through precise and targeted movements.
  • Realignment: The goal of the adjustment is to restore proper alignment and mobility to the affected joints. By doing so, it aims to reduce nerve interference, alleviate pain, and improve overall function.
  • Post-Adjustment Care: After the adjustment, Dr. Berven may provide guidance on posture, exercises, or lifestyle modifications to support the healing process and prevent future issues.

3 Key Benefits of Diversified

Here are some reasons why Dr. Berven uses this technique at the practice:

Precise – She has a keen understanding of the spine’s structure and applies specific adjustments tailored to each patient’s needs.

Versatile – Diversified can effectively address various spinal issues, including misalignments, joint dysfunctions, and related pain or discomfort.

Patient Comfort - While adjustments involve quick movements, Dr. Berven ensures patient comfort by using proper positioning and techniques to minimize discomfort during the procedure.

Our chiropractor can determine the most suitable treatment plan, including techniques used, based on your specific condition and health needs.

Get Started Today

Whether you’re seeking to put pain in your past or maintain your optimal health, chiropractic care using the Diversified technique can benefit you. Contact us today to book an appointment.



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