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Chiropractic Care

The goal we work toward in chiropractic is removing the nerve interference that’s causing a locked up or fixated feeling in your body. Your nerves go to every cell in the body, and if proper nerve flow isn’t present, you won’t function at 100%. The many conditions chiropractic can help include

Your Care Plan

Our priority is to get you out of pain. Once you’re feeling better, the frequency of your visits will decrease. It may take a few weeks before you’re free from discomfort. If you’d like to discontinue care then, it’s your choice, and you can return on an as-needed basis. Many like to continue seeing us to correct their problem. We support your decision, whatever it may be.

Our Techniques

Dr. Berven is skilled in a broad range of chiropractic techniques. We’ll discuss with you which is most appropriate and ensure that you’re comfortable before proceeding. The methods we may use include the following:

  • Diversified. This manual technique is commonly thought of as a traditional approach to chiropractic. Though you may hear a sound during the adjustment, Dr. Berven is extremely gentle, and most people are surprised at how easy it was afterward.
  • Activator®. An instrument-based method, Activator is low-force and appropriate for those who can’t have manual adjustments, such as people with osteoporosis. It can create the same changes as a hands-on approach.
  • Drop Table. A specialized table has a piece that drops away to easily shift your joints. It is ideal for those with low back and pelvic issues.
  • Flexion-Distraction. This technique is specifically for addressing disc problems. It opens up the space between the discs to allow nutrients to flow back into the space, allowing for healing to take place.


If you’d like to find out more, contact our friendly team today and schedule your complimentary consultation!


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