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Stressed Out? Choose Chiropractic for a Helping Hand!

Woman sitting at table with headacheStress is out of control in our world today. People are experiencing stress in every aspect of their lives. Work, education, relationships, financial, medical—it’s never-ending! It’s no wonder anxiety disorders have greatly increased, with no easy answers in sight.

As stress attacks the body, it becomes difficult to accomplish most anything. The mind wanders, and you experience a lack of focus. Your body screams for relief in the form of headaches, migraines, muscle tension, and back and neck aches. Chiropractic adjustment helps relieve stress and anxiety, relax tight muscles, and provide much-needed mental clarity.

What Is Stress?

Stress works its way through your body, looking for a weak spot to attack. It has many dimensions, but the basic ones are physical, including problems with posture, accidents, old injuries, etc., chemical, which includes medications, toxic diet and air, chemical exposure etc., and emotional, which covers all types of traumas, including day-to-day coping difficulties.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress

At Berven Chiropractic, we look for any outside factors impacting your body. Nutrition is one of the most important considerations for good health to exist, yet so many people lack the education to properly fuel their bodies. We want to empower patients to learn what they need to thrive.

What we put into our bodies has a direct relationship to our health and how our body functions. When we lack the proper nutrients, keeping our bodies moving, our organs functioning, and our brains operating may become an issue. Using food as a natural medicine helps restore balance and replenish deficiencies.

Dr. Berven talks to her patients a lot about how proper nutrition may reduce toxic stress on the body. She recommends Standard Process supplements, produced on the only truly organic whole food farm in the world.

She also advocates for patients to be physically active, showing them stretches, and helping them figure out the best exercises for them based on their physical limitations.

Find Out More

Contact our office today to discuss ways to handle your stress naturally.

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